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$3.00 Category: Patches 3" USJA Patch
High quality 3" patch with USJA seal.
$5.00 Category: Patches 4" USJA Patch
High quality 4" patch with USJA seal.
$15.00 Category: Certificates Certificate
Certification and Rank Certificate

$61.50 Category: Gi's FUJI Sports Single Weave Judo Gi
Custom USJA Judo embroidery FUJI Premium Cotton Blend Single Weave Excellent Fit Special Reinforcements
$10.00 Category: Posters Jigoro Kano Portrait
Portrait of Jigoro Kano
$30.00 Category: Posters Poster of 65 Throws
Poster depicting the major throws in Judo

$25.00 Category: Posters USJA Club Banner
Show your support of the USJA by displaying the new Club Banners in your dojo.
$55.00 Category: Handbooks & Guides USJA Judo Promotion System Manual
Features Study Guide with Senior & Junior Rank Promotion System
$60.00 Category: Handbooks & Guides USJA Jujitsu Manual
USJA Jujitsu Ranking System & Guide

$49.00 Category: Merchandise USJA Polo Shirt
High quality polo shirt with USJA embroidery.
$22.50 Category: Merchandise USJA Polo Shirt
United States Judo Association polo featuring our embroidered logo on a blue background with white features.
$59.00 Category: Merchandise USJA Referee Polo
Mizuno Polo with USJA Referee embroidery

$49.00 Category: Merchandise USJA Sweatshirt
High quality cotton navy sweatshirt with USJA Judo logo.

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