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Ethics Complaint Procedure

The United States Judo Association Ethics Complaint Procedure

The following is a summary of the Standards & Ethics procedure for Processing an Ethics Complaint as defined in the By-Laws of the USJA :

First— The complaint must be in writing and signed by the complainant and mailed to the USJA National Headquarters. Phone calls, E-mails, notes and unsigned messages are unacceptable. If the complainant is unwilling to put the charges in writing and sign it……the process stops there.

Second – After the National office receives the written and signed complaint, it then goes to the Executive Director. The Executive Director contacts the complainant within 2 business days by phone. At this time he or she explains the Ethics Committee process, makes sure that the complainant feel supported by USJA and informs them that their case will be sent to the Standards and Ethics Committee chairman and then assigned to a Committee member to head the investigation. They also need to be informed that they will be contacted by phone within the next 20 business days by the assigned investigator.

Third - The Executive Director then writes (1) a letter to the complainant, summarizing their conversation and enclosing (2) a copy of the bylaws ethics section ( Article V, section D, part II ) and (3) a copy of the USJA Code of Ethics document. This letter needs to be sent Certified Mail.

Fourth -  A file is created by the Executive Director with all original documentation. Appropriate confidentiality and security of documents is to be maintained. The chairman is to be sent only copies of the original documentation..

Fifth - If the Executive Director cannot get in touch with the complainant by phone within 2 days of receiving the complaint, he or she will send a letter by Certified Mail, summarizing what usually is done by phone. It will be indicated in this letter, that they need to contact the Executive Director ( or his Representative ) by phone if they wish to proceed with the complaint. If they do not…then the matter is over.

Sixth - After completion of the investigation, the case, along with recommendations from the Standards and Ethics Committee, will be presented to the Board of Directors for disposition. At this time the Board of Directors may dispose of the case or call for a formal Board of Directors hearing which could include, complainant, respondent and witness testimony.

Seventh - After disposition and completion of the case, complainant and respondent are notified via Certified Mail of the disposition.

Eighth - Everything that the Committee has collected, including all phone and e-mail records, notes, documents, testimonies and witness accounts, will be sent to the National Headquarters to be included in the case file.  This file will be archived for the specified time determined by the Board. At the end of this specified time, the entire file will be destroyed.