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Growing Judo is our monthly magazine written by club leaders, coaches, and players to share information and promote the sport of Judo.

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Pointers for Submitting Articles –

Please consider the following suggestions before sending items to the editor:

If you are submitting event results or announcements, check the accuracy of wording and punctuation.

For photos, make sure you have permission from anyone featured.  Pictures should be cropped and captioned as appropriate and be in the highest resolution.  Pictures from a real camera usually are better than from a phone camera.  Send as jpg files.

Articles require considerably more work.  Obtain consent from anyone whose work you submit.  Be sure of your quotes.  Plan what you write so there is a beginning, middle, and end.  Choose words with care, making each word meaningful and concise.  Read what you wrote several times, even aloud, and check grammar, punctuation, and spelling.  Use your computer’s spellchecker, but don’t trust it totally.  Wait a day or two and repeat this process.  All good writers do this.  Writing off the cuff is a recipe for disaster, embarrassment, mistakes, and rejection.  Then send your product to a few literate friends to proofread.  Consider their suggestions, make changes as needed, and finally submit your piece to the editor in Word.doc format.  Ask the editor to confirm that he or she has received what you sent.

The editor reserves the right to edit further and to use or not use material and photos.

These tips apply to material you might submit to any editor.  This could be the editor of our judo publications or an editor of your local newspaper for a story about coverage of a judo or jujitsu event or technique, individuals achieving glory in competition or being promoted, or a descriptive essay about competition strategy, ways to teach or learn, or coaching.