Grassroots Judo™


The leaders of Grassroots Judo™ are the Presidents, the Executive Directors, and the Legal Counsels of the USJA and the USJF. Our aim is to grow Judo and enable people to contribute to society. We are the organizations of choice for coaches and students to train in the fundamentals of “big” Judo. Judo spelled with a big “J” means the holistic contribution of Judo to society. Judo spelled with a little “j” is the sport and recreational (technical) aspects of judo. We hope to facilitate a way for the most skilled and talented instructors, competitors, coaches, and referees in the country to give back to judo through the USJA and USJF.

I - Grassroots Judo™ Upcoming Events

2019 USJA / USJF Grassroots Judo™ Am-Can International Challenge - Buffalo, NY

Dates: TBA

2019 USJA / USJF Grassroots Judo™ 10th Annual Summer Nationals - Staten Island, NY

This premier annual event held over the 4th of July weekend. In addition to the junior national tournament, tournaments are held for all age groups and skill levels along with a referee clinic.  

Dates: July 5-7, 2019

Website: Grassroots Judo ™ Summer Nationals

Future events are open to bid

  • July 6 – 8 (Fri/Sat/Sun) 2020 – USJF/USJA Junior Nationals, Open for Bid (Interested parties please contact Robert Fukuda at the USJF)
  • July 5 – 7 (Fri/Sat/Sun) 2021 – USJA/USJF Junior Nationals, Open for Bid  (Interested parties please contact Michael Hall at the USJA)

  • 2018 USJA / USJF Grassroots Judo™ 14th Annual Winter Nationals - Azusa, CA

    This premier annual event held in greater Los Angeles early December hosted by Goltz Judo has become the largest tournament in the country. In addition to the national tournament for all age groups and skill levels, clinics are held on coaching, kata, refereeing, and just about anything pertaining to the study of judo. Preregistration includes a free souvenir t-shirt. Judo celebrities such as Ronda Rousey, Kayla Harrison, Israel Hernandez, Jimmy Pedro, Ugo Legrand, Jim Bregman, Hayward Nishioka, Jason Morris, Hal Sharp, and many more are often on hand to provide insights, sign books, autographs, take selfies, and more.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

    Dates: December 7, with Clinics on December 6, 2019

    WebsiteGrassroots Judo™ Winter Nationals®

    II - Grassroots Judo™ Core Values

    • Perfection of the human character
    • Mutual welfare and benefit
    • Maximum efficiency with minimum effort

    III - Grassroots Judo™ Core Purposes & Objectives

    • Introduction: Introduce the concepts of Judo/judo a larger segment of the US
    • Growth: Overcome the current stagnation of Judo in the United States and build an opportunity for all to participate in judo
    • Marketing: Have an active outreach program to perpetuate the benefits of Judo to the American society as a whole
    • Education: Disseminate the latest and greatest ideas about the sport
    • Financial Stability: Attract project sponsor and donors

    IV - Grassroots Judo™ Value Proposition

    • For participants: By affiliating with this program you will gain expertise, personal confidence, and competence. 
    • The program provides more opportunities to fully experience the benefits of Judo/judo and develop a worldwide social network
    • For teachers and coaches: Creation of an interactive Judo community that brings the best thinking and knowledge to our members

    V - Grassroots Judo™ Benefits of Judo

    • Self-awareness – what you are capable of doing and not doing
    • Confidence
    • Physical Fitness
    • Development of core skills that can also be used in other sports
    • Self-protection (ukemi – no fear of falling) and self-defense
    • Youth and adult growth and development
    • Development of a recognized community and social network

    VI - Current Grassroots Judo™ Joint USJA/USJF Tournaments

    • Grassroots Judo™ Junior Nationals
    • Grassroots Judo™ Winter Nationals
    • Grassroots Judo™ High School Championships
    • Grassroots Judo™ AM-CAN International

    VII - Grassroots Judo™ Event Endorsement Criterion

    • The event must be sanctioned by USJF or USJA (except if international with USA Judo prior approval)
    • The event must be national or regional in the scope
    • The review will be based on past event history and must tie into the Grassroots Judo™ objectives
    • The review for event endorsement will be conducted by the leaders of Grassroots Judo™
    • The leaders of Grassroots Judo™ reserve the right to deny participation of any individual

    VIII - Videos of Past Grassroots Judo™ Events

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