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The USJA commits itself to spreading the art of Judo to the best of our abilities in the spirit of jita-kyoei, mutual benefit. This was Jigoro Kano's vision when he founded Judo, and we carry this philosophy on and off the tatami. We look forward to providing support, education, and a community of like-minded people to help foster the growth and expansion of Judo in the United States.

Our committees, members, and staff all have ample experience working with each other to create the best environment that facilitates people of all ages getting involved and integrating Judo and it's principles into their lives. We hope you enjoy your time here and explore the vast amount of services that we offer; from member services and club management options to webinars and clinics with the nation's top competitors and coaches.

"If there is effort, there is always accomplishment." - Jigoro Kano

Latest News

October 2022 Promotion Board & CRE Committee News

Congratulations to the following October 2022 Dan promotions: Sean Michael Ruiz Shodan Goltz Judo Christopher Capobianco Shodan Kodokan Judo of Cape Coral Issam El Bizri Shodan Goltz Judo Carson Sheckler Shodan Morillo Judo Club Jesse Grinstead Shodan Kodokan Judo of Cape Coral Priscilla M. Foster Shodan Tampa Florida Judo...

September 2022 Promotion Board & CRE Committee News

USJA Judo ranks are a measure of a student’s achievement in Judo. They are a testimony of skill, knowledge, and sportsmanship, attained through diligent study, practice, tournament participation and devotion to Judo Congratulations to the following September 2022 Dan promotions: Joseph Bellerose Shodan The Jui-Jitsu Academy Thomas James Seitzinger...

Congratulations to all of our new USJA Blackbelt from August!

Congratulations to the following August 2022 Dan promotions: Julian Mateo Crisostomo Shodan Jason Morris Judo Club Alexis Perez-Cruz Shodan Ronin Armed Forces Combative Judo Club Daniel Pollaccia Shodan Goltz Judo Ryan Best Shodan Judan Judo of Ohio Jason Deavours Shodan SOHK Judo Club Schuyler Moore Shodan SOHK Judo Club...

Today's Birthdays

  • Mason Liam Howe
  • Jora Gaughen
  • Michael L. Stone
  • Ahmed Aweidat
  • Dennis L. Hayes
  • Kaydien Tam Mach
  • Dr Adner Pazo
  • Patrick K. Clark
  • Ruby Schaar
  • Ruby Schaar

Last 10 Promotions

12/05/2022 Matthew Cumplido Milestone Martial Arts Orange Belt - 3rd Degree
12/05/2022 Matthew Cumplido Milestone Martial Arts Orange Belt - 4th Degree
12/04/2022 Teri O'Day Toshi Dojo Ikkyu - Brown Belt
12/04/2022 John Moody Toshi Dojo Nikyu - Brown Belt
12/04/2022 Hannah Carol Dembek Toshi Dojo Ikkyu - Brown Belt
12/04/2022 Raylan Trace Pike Toshi Dojo Yellow Belt - 1st Degree
12/04/2022 Javante Cortez Butler Pensacola Judo Training Center Sankyu - Brown Belt
12/02/2022 Mr. Kevin J. Schrodt Kino Judo Dojo Rokyu - Yellow Belt
12/02/2022 Kenneth Austin Stevens Williamsburg Judo Club Nikyu - Brown Belt
12/02/2022 Quinn James Jacobsen Greater Detroit Budojuku Rokyu - Yellow Belt

Top 10 Clubs

Samurai Judo Association
Milestone Martial Arts
Harrisburg Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo LLC
SOHK Judo Club
Bushido Kai Judo, Inc
Riverside Youth Judo Club P.A.L.
Bowling Green Kentucky Judo Club
Hollywood Judo Dojo
Shoshinkan Martial Arts


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Our Leadership

The USJA Board of Directors are democratically elected by our senior members every 4 years.

The USJA has 2 standing committees: Promotion & Standards and Ethics.

Peter Mantel

Peter Mantel


Rob Reilly

Rob Reilly


John Borsch

John Borsch


Bonnie Korte

Bonnie Korte


Jesse Goldstein

Jesse Goldstein

New Jersey

Paul Rivera

Paul Rivera

New York

We are always looking for volunteers to serve on our various committees. You must be an active member and have a current, cleared background check to volunteer.

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Current USJA Comittees

Michael Goldsmith, Chair


The Bylaws Committee is responsible for safeguarding The USJA bylaws and all related changes.

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Jason Morris, Chair


The USJA Coaching Education and Certification Committee has these main goals: to run clinics and training camps throughout the country to raise the technical skills of coaches and their athletes, and to run a certification program of outstanding quality emphasizing a comprehensive approach to coaching.

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The mission of the USJA’s Development Committee is to build stronger communities and better people through the discipline, physical conditioning, focus, and ethical values learned in judo.

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The Election Committee is responsible for operating our Director elections according to the USJA Bylaws.

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Barry Stebbins, Chair


The USJA believes that all variations of Jujitsu have something to offer our Jujitsuka. We believe that all styles can peacefully coexist under one banner. We believe that all styles of Jujitsu should conform to the basic principles as broadly depicted in the USJA Jujitsu manual.

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Heiko Rommelmann, Chair


Our Kata Committee serves the membership by providing step-by-step descriptions of kata, plus score sheets for judges. We suggest you print the guidelines for the kata you are doing and refer to them often for guidance. We encourage kata practitioners to attend judo camps and clinics to perfect the kata, for evaluation, and perhaps even for certification as kata instructor or judge.

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David Brogan, Chair


The Kosen Judo committee is devoted to educating and improving all aspects of newaza development.

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Steven Matias, Chair


Our focus is on the improvement, organization, and solidarity of our men and women in uniform, as well as those who serve the public.

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Ronald Allan Charles, Chair


The National Awards Committee, like all non-standing committees, serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. We may suggest or recommend to the Board individuals or programs worthy of recognition.

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Isaac Henderson, Chair


The mission of the Professional Judo Committee is to gather, create, and distribute information and resources that are beneficial to those individuals wanting to open new schools or transition existing programs into full-time, paying, commercial martial arts schools.

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Donna Turk, Chair


The mission of the USJA Promotion Board is to ensure that the standards of promotions awarded by the USJA reflect the technical expertise, range of techniques, character development, overall judo knowledge, and contribution to the sport of the person promoted.

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Constance Halporn, Chair


The Publications Committee is responsible for the organizations publications, such as newsletters, updates, and other correspondence.

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Richard Celotto, Chair


The purpose of the Referee Certification Committee is to educate the competitor, coach, and referee in the Competitive Rules of judo.

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Doug Bedsaul, Chair


The goal of regional coordinators is to facilitate the development of judo at all levels. Regional coordinators contact and encourage many clubs and individuals to participate and host events aimed at increasing participation in judo via the USJA.

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Raymond Conte, Chair


The mission of this committee is two-fold. First, the committee will examine the role of judo in the lives of school-aged children and teens. Secondly, the committee will examine the process of developing partnerships with elementary, middle, and high schools with suggestions for implementing judo in local schools in the spirit of mutual “welfare and benefit”.

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Michael Goldsmith, Chair


The USJA Code of Ethics is our statement of purpose. It is the guideline for our commitment to a standard of excellence and integrity unprecedented in sports. It is the mission of the USJA Standards and Ethics Committee to encourage, support, and foster the ethical behavior of all USJA members as well as to establish a policy of intolerance for behavior contrary to the USJA’s established Code of Ethics.

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Brian Lee Money, Chair


The Special Needs Committee is dedicated to educating, advising, and certifying prospective judo coaches and instructors on training and teaching judo students with Special Needs.

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Michael Hall, Chair


We get stuff done!

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